• Semi-Automatic Solder Feed Station with Perforation Technology

  • Adjustable Soldering Iron Dock and auxiliary dock station - included.

  • Real-Time Temperature Monitoring with rapid thermal recovery technology.

  • Easy Solder Tip Replacement

  • ESD Safe with ESD Monitoring Functions Available.

  • 6.Foot Pedal Switch for remote solder feeding - included

376DI Semi-Automatic Soldering Station

The QUICK 376DI is an ingenious semi-automatic lead-free soldering station.  Utilizing a 90 watt power supply, this system is ideal for meeting the everyday challenges of tight area soldering applications and offers consistent soldering quality through its motorized solder feeder.

The Self-Feeding Solder Station located on-top the power supply incorporates the same perforation technology our fully automated soldering robots use.  This technology is designed to minimize solder ball and flux splatter defects commonly seen in the micro-electronics soldering world.

The station features an all new ergonomic design and brilliant LCD Display.

system Specifications:


MAX POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                            90W

VOLTAGE:                                                                                                 110V/220V

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                                       50℃-600℃

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                                                  ±2℃

DISPLAY:                                                                                                   Brilliant LCD Display

SOLDER WIRE DIAMETERS (HANDLING):                                         0.6mm ~ 1..4mm