• Closed loop sensor, rapid heating, precise and stable temperature.

  • Integrated cooling function for prolonged lifetime of internal heating element.

  • Large LCD Display integrated into the unit.

  • Various applications such as: heat skrinkage, paint removal, defrosting, sterizing copper, pre-tinning, preheating, and much more!

Hot Air gun

Ideal for any manufacturing environment!
- High Utilization Rate and Ultimate Application Flexibility!

This system is designed to delivery consistent temperature as the unit applies directional hot air current. Ideal for: Heat Shrink, paint removal, defrosting, preheating, sterilizing copper, soldering, and pre-tinning.

This compact and powerful unit is built for end users requiring multi-faceted use; as opposed to the use of a traditional hot air gun station.


DISPLAY:                                                                               Built-in LCD

POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                   1800W (Max)

NOISE:                                                                                    ≤ 70dB

AIR VOLUME (3 STAGES):                                                        

1 step (cold air)                                                                    180L/min (Minimum) 

2 step (hot air)                                                                      200L/min (Medium)

3 step (hot air)                                                                      400L/min (Maximum)

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                    50°C--600°C

WEIGHT:                                                                                3lbs