• Compact, light & portable design with adjustable angle.

  • PC connection by RS485 comunication allows for factory network control of all linked units.

  • Quickly neutralizes static charges.

  • Adjustable fan speed capable of generating a large-area ion stream.

  • Long lifetime magnetic leakage transformer designed to protect the unit from short circuiting

  • Built-in emitter cleaner, easy cleaning.

  • Safe and low power consumption heater.

QUICK Intelligent small stand-up model

The QUICK 443C is an intelligent desk top anti-static fan that blows ionized air over the surface of electro-static sensitive products. This ionized air neutralizes surface electrical charge to help comply with ESD requirements. Variable speed allows operators to control the volume of ionized air flow across the work area.

The QUICK 443C is compatible with our online monitoring software package; allowing users to connect up to 100 units and monitor from an offline PC / Work Station.


system Specifications:


POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                         30 Watt

OUTPUT VOLTAGE:                                                                    DC ±5000V

ION BALANCE:                                                                            ≤±5V

AIR VOLUME:                                                                               ≤ 2.4m3 /min

EFFECTIVE RANGE:                                                                   400~1500mm

OZONE PROTECTION:                                                               ≤0.03ppm (150mm from center of air outlet)

NOISE:                                                                                          45dB

AMBIENT TEMPERATURE:                                                       0-40℃

DIMENSIONS:                                                                              190(L)*95(W)*240(H)mm

WEIGHT:                                                                                       2.6 Kg