The QUICK 191AD Thermometer is designed to quickly and accurately measure temperature seen at the solder tip and allow the end user to calibrate soldering equipment with the utmost precision. This tool will aid in temperature calibration across a multitude of Hot Iron Soldering Equipment and is recommended for all robotic soldering platforms.

Compared to similar models: The QUICK 191AD Unit operates in both: Celsius and Fahrenheit. (Variable)


Features Include:


  • Measure tip temperature quickly and accurately with CA sensor (Dia o.2mm).

  • Auto shut-off function available, shut-off time can be set. If the time when the unit is not in use reaches the set value, the unit shuts it off automatically.

  • Can record max temperature. It shows the highest temperature of the tip when pressing (MAX HOLD) button.

  • Celsius and Fahrenheit interchangeable.

system Specification:


RESOLUTION:                                                                      1°C/1°F

MEASURING RANGE:                                                         0°C-800°C/32°F-1500°F

ACCURACY:                                                                         ±5°C/±10°F

SENSOR:                                                                              K Thermocouple 3.5-digit ;LCD.

DISPLAY:                                                                              B:Battery Alarm 1:Burnout

POWER SUPPLY:                                                                9V Alkaline battery recommended.

BATTERY LIFETIME:                                                          More than 150 hours.

AMBIENT TRANSPORTATION:                                        0°C-40°C/32°F-104°F

DIMENSIONS:                                                                     146(L)*35(W)*83(H)mm

WEIGHT:                                                                              About 250g