• Accurate heating element capable of evenly distributing set temperature across the entire plate surface.

  • Closed-loop sensor, PID control, precise and stable temperature.

  • Two switches control power supply and heating separately. Actual temperature of the plate will be displayed even when the units is not being heated.

  • Suitable for PCB preheating, Reflowing and other processes which require whole and even heating.



Reflow Hot Plate 870

Quick and Precise PCB Preheating or Reflow. Great for preheating larger components before adding to board!


system Specifications:

POWER CONSUMPTION:                                                   800W

PLATE AREA:                                                                         180x200mm

PLATE MATERIAL:                                                                Aluminum

TEMPERATURE SENSOR:                                                   K-type Thermocouple

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                    50°C - 300°C

AMBIENT CONDITIONS:                                                    0 - 40°C

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                               +/- 2°C

DIMENSIONS:                                                                       280(L) x 290(W) x 100(H)mm

WEIGHT:                                                                                13lbs