The QUICK 100-6C Solder Pot is easy-to-use, portable, great for melting solder/ tinning component ends, and tinning the ends of wire leads. Ideal for manufacturers seeking a cost-effective solution for pre-tinning components or wires. This product includes power cord and dross scraper.



  • Closed-loop sensor capable of controlling temperature without disturbing the operating voltage.

  • Suitable for lead or lead free applications.

  • Small capacity design, suited for small and medium sized connectors.

  • Anti-erosion and heat resistant alloy materials resulting in a longer lifetime.

system Specifications:


MAX POWER CONSUMPTION:                                          400W

VOLTAGE:                                                                               110V/220V

TEMPERATURE RANGE:                                                    150℃-450℃

TEMPERATURE STABILITY:                                                ±5℃

SOLDER POT:                                                                        Titanium Alloy

SOLDER POT DIMENSIONS:                                              Φ54mm * 38 (H) mm  (approx. 2.1”diameter)

WEIGHT:                                                                                About 1.34kg

TOTAL DIMENSIONS:                                                    190(L)X115(W)X75(H)mm